ANGER has erupted after it emerged that acres of Hampshire countryside could disappear under thousands of new homes.

Fareham civic chiefs have said that they need to build an extra 3,000 homes as they revise their local plan for housing by an extra ten years from 2026 to 2036.

Among the new housing developments include more than 700 in Warsash, 500 in Parkgate, Titchfield and Locks Heath, 475 in Stubbington, 750 in Portchester and 577 in Fareham town centre as well as smaller sites in Wallington and Funtley.

Cllr Shaun Cunningham, from the council’s Liberal Democrat opposition said: “My initial thoughts are one of shock and horror.

“So many promises have been made over the years and today they all lay in tatters.

“I don’t blame officers, they are given direction, however, the architect of this fine mess needs to take responsibility for it.

“Not one of those new homes will provide any new infrastructure for our local road network, no funds to mitigate the additional pressures on Healthcare provision or to meet the demand for additional school places.”

Councillor Trevor Cartwright, who represents Warsash on the council which is already the subject of four planning applications just off Brook Lane said: “I am disappointed that there are 700 homes going to be built here.

“The infrastructure is not there; Brook Lane is very narrow and it would cause traffic chaos by adding these homes.”

This figure is on top of the 6,000 new homes which will be built at the new “garden village” of Welborne, in the borough which has already been subject to constant delays due to developer disputes.

Cllr Sean Woodward, the leader of the council said: “We need to update our local plan to ensure that there are enough homes for Fareham people and to bring it in line with the Welborne plan end date of 2036 for a variety of reasons. “Firstly, we have an ageing population which for those aged 85+ increased by 300 per cent between 1981 and 2011 which means we have to house three generations rather than two and secondly families break up and more people now live on their own.

“During the plan’s implementation, we need to ensure that development is managed properly and sustainably with real community benefits and while our focus has been on brownfield sites we also need to ensure that we have greenfield sites available.“Apart from Welborne it is over 20 years since we last allocated any greenfield housing sites in Fareham so rolling the plan forward another 10 years means we need to build more homes.”

The proposals will be debated by councillors next month.



Cranleigh Road - 120

Winnham Farm - 350

Seafield Road - 49

Romsey Avenue - 225


Newgate Lane South - 475


Military Road - 26

Standard Way - 21

Pinks Hill - 80


Brooks Lane, Warsash - 600

Warsash Maritime Academy - 100

lTitchfield, Locks Heath and Parkgate:

Southampton Road - 400

Hunts Pond Road - 38

Botley Road - 24

Beacon Bottom - 35

lFareham Town Centre:

Civic Area off West Street - 100

Market Quay car park - 100

Land near Fareham railway station - 214

Crofton Conservatories, West Street - 49

Old Magistrates Court, Trinity Street - 45

Lysses car park - 24

Western Way - 34

Wykeham House school, East Street - 15

Delme Court - 11

Former Hampshire Rose pub - 18


Funtley Road North - 23

Funtley Road South - 55