A GOODS lorry smashed into a bridge on a busy road near Southampton.

The vehicle's load made contact with the footbridge, which crosses the A35 in Totton, at around 5pm on Friday.

One resident, Mike McDonald, lives just metres from the bridge in nearby Fisher's Road.

He said his house "shook like a five second earthquake".

"The whole house started shaking and I thought my old man had dropped something.

"I went downstairs and I looked out the window and saw a lorry had hit the bridge near the house.

"It was about three quarters of the way through the bridge."

Mr McDonald said the driver of the vehicle stopped, causing a major build-up of traffic on the road.

He said that the driver then managed to squeeze the remainder of his lorry past the bridge, before leaving the scene five minutes after the crash.

Traffic is now said to be flowing as usual on the road.