A PUBLIC meeting will take place today as residents step up their bid to stop a mobile phone mast being built on their doorsteps.

Communications giant O2 wants to put the 12.5m mast on the corner of Redhill and Winchester Road in Bassett, Southampton, but homeowners are concerned about its possible health impact and have enlisted the help of MP Sandra Gidley.

In turn, she has arranged for a company representative to attend tonight's meeting.

She said: "The real concern is that the mast would be near the houses. I am very supportive of the residents. I have always taken the view that we don't know the long-term effect of these masts."

Residents have received an early boost after Southampton City Council planners said that they had written to the company to say that planning permission for the site would be likely to fail.

However, a full application for the proposal has not yet been submitted to the Civic Centre offices and the company would have the right to appeal against any council decision.