A HAMPSHIRE estate agent discovered a woman's blood-covered body during a routine check at a Hampshire flat.

Kelly Kimber discovered Jenna Holland slumped over the kitchen sink of her first floor flat in Totton on the morning of July 5.

She had let herself into the rented property in Station Road to perform a scheduled check and did not expect Miss Holland to be at home. She called out, but got no response.

On finding Miss Holland's body Ms Kimber said: "Jenna, Jenna, what have you done?" and left in a state of shock before phoning emergency services.

PC Heather Tack, who later attend the scene, said: "There was a significant amount of blood on the carpet, and in the kitchen and bathroom sinks."

A blood stained mobile phone and box containing the ashes of Miss Holland's mother were also found on a nearby table.

The inquest heard how Miss Holland had family issues and had been struggling to cope with her mother's death.

Glenn Russell, Miss Holland's boyfriend, told the inquest how the 36-year old had been drinking vodka during a visit to her flat at 5.30pm the previous evening in which he attempted to end their relationship."

After leaving at about 8pm Mr Russel told the court that Miss Holland had gone quiet on social media.

"I really expected a message saying 'I hate you' but there was nothing."

"It was not like her - she was always online.

"I just thought that she was going to get drunk and sleep it off."

The court heard how Miss Holland had sent a strange text message to a friend late on the which read: "All I have is yours, keep this as a message, everything I have is yours."

Jenna Holland had a history of depression, and had told a previous partner that she wished she had never woken up after having surgery for fibroids, which are non-cancerous growths that develop on or around the womb.

She had also previously mentioned that she wished to end her life but was not on any medication,or subject to any orders at the time of her death, the inquest was told.

Pathologist Adrian Bateman, who performed the post mortem, said that Miss Holland had died as the result of blood loss from several self-inflicted wounds.

A toxicology report revealed that Miss Holland was 2.4 times over the drink drive limit at the time of her death.

Dr Bateman said: "Her judgement would have been impaired by the alcohol"

Assistant Coroner Simon Burge said: "Her decision...was spontaneous.

"Her boyfriend could not have predicted what action she would take."

Mr Burge concluded that Miss Holland's death was the result of suicide.