A HAMPSHIRE doctor has turned her hand to fiction, inspired by her own experience of internet dating.

"When I found myself divorced at 52, I decided to take the plunge at start internet dating," says Daisy Mae, as she calls herself for writing purposes.

"It was completely alien to me. I hadn't had to think about dating for nearly three decades!

"I wasn't even very computer literate," she adds.

"It was scary filling in my profile online. I felt very vulnerable and was extremely hesitant and nervous."

But Daisy soon became hooked.

"Having started, I found the internet dating process to be completely mesmerising. It was so interesting seeing who had emailed me, who was online, who was new to the site, etc.

"I met so many different people and had so many experiences, and it was extremely funny.

"I felt I just had to write it down, so that's what I did – I wrote a book about it.

"I chose my internet dating name as Daisy Mae, I'm not sure why. So my book is called Dating Daisy.

"I've always loved writing and internet dating gave me something fresh and amusing to write about. I wrote in diary format, making entries most days. I made myself laugh writing it, and found it almost therapeutic, in terms of ditching my old life and getting on with the new new one."

It took Daisy three years to write the book and decide to publish it. She realised she needed some more content, beyond her own dating experiences for inspiration, so dipped into her experience as a doctor in a sexual health clinic.

"All anonymised, of course!" she is keen to add.

"If there is a message in the book, it's that loneliness is a terrible thing," she says.

"There is someone out there for everybody. Life is so much sweeter shared by two. The internet has given us a unique way of putting two people together who otherwise would not have known of each other's existence. It's fantastic."

So, does Daisy have any advice for anyone thinking about internet dating?

"Just get on and get started," she says.

"Choose your dating site carefully. Be realistic. You are unlikely to meet your perfect partner on your first date. Try to regard each date as a bit of a game. It's good to go out and have an evening with someone, and better than sitting at home in front of the TV.

"This date probably won't be Mr Right, but if it is, that will be a bonus.

"One of my pet hates is that so many people lie on the internet," she adds, "Usually about things like their age, height and weight.

"Just don't do that! You can avoid a lot of heartache simply by being truthful."

And if you're lucky, like Daisy, you will enjoy internet dating.

"There were some very positive things about dating," she says.

"I loved the wit and banter, and the thrill of getting dressed up for a date.

"I didn't like the disappointments – agreeing after a succession of emails to meet someone, only to find the minute you saw them that it wasn't going to work out was upsetting.

"Overall, however, I would say that it was a positive experience. I turned my life around and I did find love. I'd say take heart from what happened to me. You can do it too!"

Dating Daisy is available from Amazon. She is giving away 25 free audio books to the first people who sign up to her website, dating daisy.net, and ask.