IT IS great to see the continuing development in Southampton.

Along with the Christmas market and ice rink, which is fantastic for the city, it should put us in good place for visitors and locals alike.

However, walking down Above Bar Street, it all becomes clear, it is one of the dirtiest depressing cities in the country.

I appreciate that it is difficult for the genuine homeless people, who now flood the streets and shop doorways. This city council seems to ignore it and do nothing. Come on Southampton City Council, start to do something and tidy up this city. Other cities like Winchester and towns such as Eastleigh cope with this much better.

We are a vibrant developing city blighted by the problems they cause. We need to do more for the genuine homeless people and rid ourselves of the mess that is created on the streets.

On Above Bar Street we have the annual Christmas market. To the side of it, during the day, bags of clothes tents, bedding and other items are left unattended in shop doorways and emergency exits. What a disgrace we are.

While this an eyesore, it doesn’t do us any good to promote the city. We have thousands of tourists who visit who must be appalled by the state of this city.

Also, in these sad times we now need concrete blocks to stop any vehicles from gaining access to cause an atrocity. Why then do the police and council allow trolleys and boxes of items left by homeless in the day. Surely this is a security risk itself? Anything could be planted among the vast amount unattended rubbish they leave in an effort to keep a space at night.

This itself is a security risk. If you were to leave such items at an airport or train station it would be destroyed, so why not on the streets?

So come on Southampton City Council, tidy up the city. We have a lot of nice things happening but we will lose out if we do not act now.