DAILY Echo reader, Edna Boden got in touch and sent us pictures from when Southampton had a permanent ice rink - images many other readers will likely want to see.

Edna, the secretary of Southampton Ice Dance and Figure Skating Club, told us: ‘With the eagerly awaited temporary Christmas Ice Rink in West Quay this year I thought your readers may like to see a few memories of ice skating from March 1952 to August 1988 when Southampton Ice Rink was demolished”

“The picture of the bulldozer is one of the most poignant as it shows our beloved ice rink being demolished just 48 hours after closure.

“Next year marks 30 years since the demolition of Southampton Ice Rink, so Southampton Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club will be holding a reunion for all past and present members.

“ Meantime we will continue to campaign for the return of a permanent ice rink on the South Coast.”