ONE man was left in a critical condition, and another was left unconscious with a blood clot on his brain.

These are the crimes that have left police demanding action after a Southampton nightclub ‘failed’ to keep innocent members of the public out of harm.

Buddha Lounge, in Bedford Place, has been linked to ‘very serious’ crimes in recent weeks and bosses have now been hauled before a panel of civic chiefs, under the threat of losing its licence.

Hampshire Constabulary warned Southampton City Council this week that the club had failed in its responsibility to prevent crime and ensure public safety, and applied to the authority to look at the licence that allows the club to operate.

Now, committee members have decided that in order for the club to carry on serving thousands across the city, its doormen must continually film what goes on with body cameras.

A statement from Hampshire Constabulary said: “We applied to Southampton City Council to ask for a review of the licence of the Buddha Lounge nightclub in Southampton.

“The application for review relates to the licence holder failing to prevent crime and disorder and ensure public safety at the venue.

“Over a short period of time, four weeks, there have been two very serious incidents linked to the venue.”

In August, a man was left fighting for his life after an attack outside the club, and four weeks later, 22-year-old Brad Lemesurier was left unconscious with a blood clot on his brain after being punched once inside the club.

Police said they could not comment further to protect the integrity of multiple ongoing investigations.

A spokesperson for Southampton City Council confirmed: “The case was heard at the licensing sub-committee.

“There will be an amendment made to Buddha Lounge’s licence, which will be that the doormen will have body-worn video cameras in the future.”

Bevois councillor Derek Burke said: “It has been linked with a few crimes recently.

“If the police are saying they haven’t kept people safe, then there must be a concern there. I would like to see more taxi marshals.”

Buddha Lounge said in a statement yesterday: "Buddha Lounge does not and will not tolerate violence and public disorder in or around our premises.

"We have been working extensively with Hampshire Constabulary, the licensing authorities and Southampton City Council to protect members of the general public, so as to prevent crime and disorder and ultimately make it a safer environment for people to go out in the evening and have a enjoyable night, knowing that we are working extremely hard to protect their safety and well-being."