ANOTHER two businesses have been targeted as a spree of robbreries in the city continues.

On Monday evening police arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with the series of robberies across Southampton and Eastleigh.

A 38-year-old man from Southampton has also been arrested, while a 26-year-old woman from Southampton has been arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

The arrest comes after another two businesses were targeted this morning.

At 10am today it was reported that one man entered the Best One on Lodge Road armed with a knife and stole cash, tobacco and alcohol.

Later, at 11am one man was seen to enter Cloud Wine on Bedford Place and demand the contents of the till.

Senior investigating officer Damon Kennard said: “We have had several more robberies reported to have happened over the weekend and today.

“We recognise that robberies of this kind have a direct impact on businesses and their employees. Locating and arresting these men, and keeping Southampton businesses safe, is our priority.

“Call 101 and quoting 44170463734.

“Alternatively, call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

List of robberies

Nov 19 8pm BedFred, Boyatt Wood, Eastleigh. Two men enter carrying hammers have entered the shop and threatened staff and demanded money. One man jumps over the counter and takes the cash drawer. 44170451001

Nov 20 11pm Champagne Charlie’s, Portswood Road, Southampton. Two men, one carrying a wooden branch and one a knife, threatened staff and stolen money from the till and cigarettes 44170452561

Nov 26 9.30pm Casks and Corks on St James Road, Southampton. Two men carrying pieces of wood with nails in threaten staff and steal cigarettes and cash from the till 44170460840

Nov 28 2.30am 7 Bone Burger, Portswood Road, Southampton. Two men smashed the front window with a metal grate while the restaurant was closed however staff were present and told to stand still. The men stole the till and left. 44170462405

Nov 28 7.40am Bysea Café, Portswood Road, Southampton. Two men enter the premises with a bottle and assault a staff member and then taken money from the till. The staff member was treated at the scene for a minor head injury. 44710462655

Nov 28 7.25pm Glitz Hair Salon, Janson Road, Southampton. Two men have entered the salon, threatened staff with a hammer and stolen £30 cash. The men have also threatened a customer within and stolen their wallet 44170463558

Nov 28 9pm Co-op Store in Boyatt Wood on Shakespeare Road, Eastleigh. Two men have entered the store with a hammer and a tree branch and threatened staff and demanded money. Approx £500 stolen. A customer was also threatened however they did not hand over their wallet. 44170463761

Nov 29 11.40pm Premier Store on Addis Square off Portswood Road, Southampton. Two men enter, one armed with a hammer, a staff member is assaulted during the incident and treated for a head injury. Cash till stolen. 44170465253

Nov 30 3.25am Petrol Station at Rownhams Services WB M27. Three or four men carrying hammers enter store. Tills and cigarettes stolen. A man was assaulted and sustained facial injuries. 44170465323

Nov 30 4.55pm two men entered Bitter Virtue off licence on Cambridge Road armed with a wrench and a hammer. They have assaulted a staff member and stolen the till and contents and then are seen to leave in a silver vehicle. 44170466323

Nov 30 7.11pm it was reported two men carrying a hammers and a large stick entered Threshers Wine Merchants Mr Local on Thornhill Park Road and demanded the cash in the till. The men assaulted the member of staff and smashed a window before leaving with £300. 44170466499

Nov 30 8.40pm three men entered Thompsons Newsagents on Rownhams Road demanding money from the till. One of the men was seen to have a hammer. A member of staff was assaulted during the incident and the men left with cash from the till. 44170466580

Dec 1 7.20pm Two men get a taxi from The Mitre on Portswood Road and ask to go to Forster Road. During the journey, the men have assaulted the taxi driver and stolen cash from within the vehicle and inside his coat. One man was said to be carrying a knife 44170467902

Dec 2 Between 2pm and 2.30pm Two men enter Central Convenience Store on St James Road force the shop assistant to go to the rear of the store while they take £100 cash from the till. 44170468662

Dec 3 6.45am One man enters the Premier store on Midanbury Broadway, Witts Hill, Southampton armed with a hammer and a knife and assaults a member of staff. The man leaves empty handed when another member of staff intervened. 44170469475

Dec 3 7.10am Two men enter Thompson’s Newsagent on Warren Avenue armed with hammers demanding the till drawers. They steal over £600. 44170469529

Dec 4 10am One man enters Best One on Lodge Road armed with a knife and steals cash, tobacco and alcohol. 44170470739

Dec 4 11am One man enters Cloud Wine on Bedford Place and demands the contents of the till and makes off with a quantity of cash. 44170471012