REVIEW: Slava's SnowShow, Mayflower Theatre

WEIRD and wonderful, the phrase could have been coined for this show.

Slava's SnowShow is bizarre, bonkers but utterly brilliant.

The family-friendly critically-acclaimed clown show returns to Mayflower Theatre this week as part of their festive season.

It's a dreamlike two hours which sees a troupe of clowns take on various challenges, most notably the weather, building up to a stonking crescendo completely unique in theatre terms.

The conclusion of the first act, where a giant spider web is passed over the stalls wrapping the whole audience up in its wake, is merely a warm up for the show's thrilling finale, which includes a dazzling snow storm set to the rousing sounds of Carmina Burana and play time for young and old involving several gigantic balloons.

There are more treats in store during the interval when the clowns head out into the audience, squirting water on unsuspecting guests enjoying an ice cream and even kidnap a member of the crowd.

A more interactive show you are unlikely to see and that includes all the pantomimes currently opening across Hampshire.

There's no real narrative here and no dialogue, just gentle, innocent humour from founder Slava Polunin and his troupe of clowns, one dressed in what can only be described as Ronald McDonald attire of yellow onesie, red nose, red fluffy slippers and mad hair, the rest in green overcoats and giant floppy hats.

The cult classic has been performed thousands of times, in tens of countries, hundreds of cities, seen by millions of people and they keep coming back for more as children love it and it restores a childlike wonder in adults.

I think I've now seen the show four times and I am still thrilled by the show's conclusion and the reaction it provokes in those around me.

I'm still picking scraps of white paper out of my coat pockets and handbag and am still smiling at the silliness of it all.

Everyone should see Slava at least once in their lifetime.


Slava's Snow Show runs until Saturday.

Tickets: 023 8071 1811 or