THEY may only be a few inches tall but they are top of the Christmas list for Hampshire children this year.

The latest must-haves for under the tree on December 25 this year are interactive Fingerling toys.

No sooner have toy shops across the county restocked their shelves than they are empty again within minutes.

Priced at £14.99 they come in the form of monkeys sloths or even unicorns

They fit on children’s fingers and make realistic monkey sounds, have blinking eyes, a turning head, gripping hands and a hanging tail.

There are six versions in different colours.

These have already been snapped up across the UK, with many shops advising parents that the next batch is not expected until 2018.

“As the shops get Fingerlings in, they’re selling out within the hour,” said Gary Grant, of the Toy Retailers Association.

“Demand is substantially outstripping availability – I know of one toy retailer who sold 10,000 in one day.”

One Southampton mum told the Daily Echo: “I spent night after night scouring the Internet and phoning stores to try and get one – they are just so popular.

“My daughter wanted the unicorn one for Christmas, so it was quite a relief when I managed to get one for her.

“I didn’t want her to be disappointed.”

Other toys that are flying of the shelves this festive season include the Original Stretch Armstrong (£21.99), Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set (£32.99), and the Laser X – two Player Pack (£49.99).

However, with just over two weeks to go, many of these must-haves are already sold out across the country.

But one of the most expensive to be found under Christmas trees this December is the FurReal Roarin’ Tyler, priced £134.99.

This is a playful interactive cuddly tiger cub that responds to sounds and touch with 100-plus sound-and-motion combinations – roar at him and he roars back. Tyler can move his eyes, ears, head, mouth and tail.

And another that is proving popular is Toilet Trouble (£17.99).

This game sees players take turns to spin a toilet paper roll in the hope that they don’t get sprayed with water.

To find out how to win a Fingerling, pick up a copy of tomorrow's Daily Echo.