IT WAS supposed to bring music to the ears of residents in one Hampshire town.

But after failing to strike the right note, a new bandstand unveiled in Hedge End has drawn criticism for its size and cost.

Sitting on Lower Northam Road Village Green, the bandstand, which cost more than £10,000 to build, was one of Hedge End town councillor Jane Welsh’s charitable projects during her time as Mayor of Eastleigh.

Residents have taken to social media to voice their anger and confusion at the size of the bandstand, with town councillor Jerry Hall saying: “You could fit the remaining Beatles on it.”

Cllr Welsh hit back. She said: “I was delighted that it finally happened, there was a bit of red tape to get through.

“I’m hoping that schools and other groups will use it on the weekends or whenever they please.

“It cost more than £10,000, but I’m not going to quote the exact figure. I’m not that low to respond to Cllr Hall’s comments.

“There were ten of us at the launch, and there was plenty of room.”

Comments on social media called the bandstand “really tacky”, with others asking “what size band are expected to be playing in there?”

Other brassed-off residents said that it could be “the smallest bandstand in Hampshire” and another called it “ridiculous”.

Another compared it to the one featured in children’s television programme In The Night Garden and 1960s programme Trumpton, which saw a fire brigade band playing at the end of every episode.

Cllr Hall said: “You could fit the remaining Beatles on it. It was built to a budget and that’s all that could be afforded.

“I have had about ten or 12 people contact me asking me what it is; people thought it was a Christmas decoration.”

Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council, Keith House, took to Facebook to respond to the comments, saying it was funded by the mayor’s charitable fund.

He said: “No public money went into this: all donations were raised by Cllr Jane Welsh. Jane was clear on her mayoral projects and most funds went to local charities.”