A SHOP manager knocked down and killed a cyclist three months after passing his driving test, a court heard.

Viral Parekh, 23, hit Kieran Dix after he was driving along Dibden Bottom in his silver Vauxhall Zafira when they collided at the crossroads at Beaulieu Road, Hythe, on December 2, 2016.

Mr Dix went into a coma and passed away on February 7.

Prosecutor Richard Tutt told Southampton Crown Court that before the collision Parekh, who admitted to causing death by careless driving but denied causing death by dangerous driving, would have seen numerous ‘Give Way’ signs along the road as motorists on Beaulieu Road have priority.

Mr Tutt said: “Mr Dix had set off on his bicycle from his home in Eastleigh at 11.20am and at 12.20pm he was cycling along Beaulieu Road in the New Forest.

“At the same time Parekh was driving along the road.”

He added: “They collided with the front, right-hand wheel of Parekh’s car which caused the bicycle to rotate in the air and hit the other side of the car.

“The Vauxhall car stopped 90m away from the incident and Mr Dix’s bicycle around 9m away.”

In an interview with officers on the day of the collision, Parekh said he closed Premier Conveniences, a shop he runs in Hythe, early as he needed to go to the bank.

Mr Tutt said: “After this he said he was travelling to a meeting at New Forest District Council to attend a licensing meeting with them.

“He passed his driving test on September 12 but said he had driven approximately 300 miles per week since then and drove that along Dibden Bottom around six or seven times a week.

“He initially told the police he was driving at around 20 to 25mph and that he slowed down to 15mph when he approached the ‘Give Way’ sign.”

However, Mr Tutt added: “In another interview in March he said he had approached the road at around 30 to 35 mph.”

He told the court that a device which monitors the speed of new drivers had been installed in Parekh’s vehicle and captured his speed at 37mph.

The court also heard that the day was “dry” and “clear” for driving.

Parekh, of Deacon Road, Southampton, pleaded not guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

The trial continues.