Read Sally Churchward's stories about being Single in the city

Southampton is one of the best places in the country if you are young and single, a new study reveals today.

Among men and women the city came in the top ten of a survey of 1,200 Britons aged between 18 to 30 to find out what factors were most important to them.

It came second among girls and seventh among boys.

More than a third of young men (35%) claimed cost of living was very important, 29% thought proximity to friends and family was crucial, while 26% thought earning potential was vital.

The best place to live for men was Brighton because of its buzzing nightlife, low cost of living and high ratio of women to men.

The seaside city scored highly to pip its regional rivals across nine criteria including entertainment, relationships and finance, according to a study by Coca-Cola Zero.

Liverpool, Bournemouth and Edinburgh helped make up the rest of the top four.

Southampton came seventh, scoring well due to its cheap transport, low cost of living and wide array of bars and clubs - one ahead of London.

Among the girls Southampton came second because of its favourable bar/club ratio and relatively high earning potential.

London was named as the best place to be a girl.