CYCLING campaigners who are condemning the Hampshire MP Royston Smith who stated that cyclists “should consider when and where they cycle safely” as complete nonsense are talking complete nonsense themselves.

The volume of traffic has increased significantly over the years and will increase even more in years to come with the ever increasing population.

Yes there are bad drivers out there but also there are bad cyclists too.

When I was at junior school in the late 50s cycle proficiency education was a big thing. You were taught maintenance of your bike, road awareness and the laws.

All bicycles were required to have mirrors as well.

Today a very high number of cyclists have no mirrors, no education in looking behind before safely signalling in what direction they are changing to and sadly lacking in road sense.

The number of cyclists that are riding at night in dark clothing is rising. This practice is dangerous and unnecessary.

I have ridden bicycles, motorbikes and cars for nearly 50 years and seriously think that cyclists need to have some sort of test before being allowed to be let loose on our roads for their own safety.

Also all drivers of cars, lorries, coaches, buses etc, should also be aware of their presence.

It’s a difficult subject but one that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Don’t condemn Royston Smith he is only showing concern for any death of a cyclist.

A high majority of drivers have cyclists in their families as well. Let common sense prevail.

Paddy Sketcher

Isle of Wight