I WAS appalled to read in the Echo that yet again a careless car driver had killed an innocent cyclist in the New Forest.

It is clear that powered vehicles are in fact dangerous weapons.

It seems all to easy to pass a driving test, and then be given licence to go out, and this case kill another road user.

I was even more appalled to read that the driver received a short driving ban and a suspended sentence. This simply does not compensate for the loss of life.

In my role as a therapist I work with many people who have been in accidents who have been maimed for life by the carelessness of others drivers.

In the Green Party, where practical, we believe in restorative justice.

In other words, the accused if found guilty, should find a way of paying back society.

I don’t think it would unreasonable if drivers who cause permanent injury or death to others should be banned from driving for life.

This might seem harsh, but to cause someone constant pain for the rest of their life is almost unforgivable.

Our roads are overcrowded. This would be one justifiable way of reducing the number of drivers on our roads.

Ron Meldrum

Green Party