A POPULAR Romsey pub says it is looking to push on extension plans are considered.

As previously reported, the Cromwell Arms have applied for an extension, and assistant manager Mike Edwards says the Fuller’s pub is looking forward to continue serving the community.

The former Italian restaurant now offers a selection of beers, spirits, wines and award-winning traditional food and 10 hotel rooms.

The food is locally sourced and chefs offer up the best seasonal food everyday.

From pumpkin gnocchi, kale, toasted pumpkin seeds and sage butter to Frontier battered cod, house chips, crushed peas & tartar sauce, there is a taste which will suit all tastebuds.

Assistant manager Mike Edwards said being a Fuller’s pub sets them apart and that serving different members of Romsey and the wider community is something they are looking to build on with their local produce selection.

He said: “I remember when I first came into here after the refurbishment and I was blown away with how it look - I still am now.

“The menus are developed by executive chefs and caters for each pub individually. Here we use loads of local produce including beers and Owtons Butchers.

“It makes the place really unique and homely for so many different people.”

During the summer, The Cromwell Arms offers a perfect British pub garden feel. A vast space outside the pub makes it ideal for a drink or bite to eat in the sun.

And new for the pub is its hotel space.

At present it offers 10 rooms to customers but as previously reported, the owners are looking to double the rooms for overnight guests.

It would mean demolishing a lean-to storeroom to add the extra accommodation but would reduce the building’s overall footprint, which would also help to reduce the pub’s flood risk.

Mike added: “This is a fantastic pub. You never know who you’re going to meet here. One minute you’re serving a builder who has just finished his shift or an affluent family out for some food.”