IF YOU fancy a new career in 2018 then a new rubbish opportunity – as a waste disposal franchisee – could be just what you’re looking for.

Waste removal firm Junk Hunters, already well established in London, is soon to open in Birmingham and Surrey – and the franchise wants to expand into Southampton.

CEO, Harsha Rathnayake, founded the company with just a second-hand tipper truck and £160 of savings now it is growing enterprise, with 13 staff .

Mr Rathnayake, who has a degree in automotive engineering and MBAs in Business Administration, started his own rubbish collection firm after the one he was working for folded when its owner moved to India.

He was given the company’s only asset, an old Ford Transit, in lieu of his last month’s wages.

Sri Lankan-born Mr Rathnayake took on additional part time jobs, including a paper round and delivering takeaways, to help fund the business, having been refused loans as he had no UK credit history.

He is now looking for new Junk Hunters to take the franchise across the UK.

Rubbish is sorted after collection and useful, good quality items such as furniture are donated to charities, or recycled where possible.

While sorting waster Junk Hunters has uncovered a first Charles Dickens first edition, good quality Louis Vuitton handbags, gold and silver jewellery, a working treadmill worth more than £2,000 and a pair of antique statues which sold at auction for £2,800.

Mr Rathnayake said: ““It’s hard work, certainly, but if you’re driven and determined then you can definitely make a success of it.

“The demand is certainly there – no matter what happens in the world, people will always need to have their rubbish taken away!”

To find out more about becoming a Junk Hunter, call 0800 233 5865, email info@junkhunters.co.uk or visit the company’s website.