A SOUTHAMPTON YouTuber has been chased from another swimming centre after sneaking in overnight.

In a video posted on the streaming site, a group led by Ally Law are seen entering the GLL-owned leisure centre by a side door.

The group are seen in the 16-minute video fleeing from the pool after spotting police – but return to the centre later that evening.

Ally, 20, tells his YouTube subscribers in the video: “They told us we couldn’t pull this off. Obviously, they don’t know who we are and what we’re capable of.”

As reported by the Daily Echo. the Southampton man was recently banned from Chelsea FC's Stamford Bridge ground.

The club obtained a High Court order which prevents him from entering the stadium.

Ally Law is known for performing stomach-churning stunts.

Wiltshire Police said their officers were called to at 11.30pm on Thursday after the three men refused to leave the centre.

In his latest video, posted on Saturday, Ally films himself and BMX rider Ryan Taylor driving to the Oasis.

GLL assured the public that Swindon's Oasis Leisure Centre’s security systems were “fit for purpose”.

Last October, the Southampton man was filmed scaling the domed glass roof of Bristol shopping centre Cabot Circus. Police later caught Ally and two other men involved in the stunt – including self-proclaimed “urban explorer” Rikke Brewer.

Outlining their plans to get in to the pool, he says: “We’re going to walk in and sneak in to badminton, and when the badminton closes we’re going to sneak into the pool.”

But their attempt to get in to the closed pool ends after GLL staff members stop them.

The member of staff, dressed in a red T-shirt, implies that it isn’t the first time daredevils have attempted to get into the pool: “We’ve had people try it. I catch them straightaway.”

He boasts: “When I’m on shift you’ll never get away with this.”

Outside the leisure centre, they discover that a third member of their group has managed to escape the chasing staff – by hiding beneath a sofa.

The group wait for the remaining staff to leave for the night, before their insider lets the others in through a fire escape.

Despite blaring alarms, they head for the pool – stripping to swimming trunks and sliding into the water.

However, police officers apparently stop the fun. Ally yelps, running for the exits: “I ain’t going to lie. We’re doing a little police escape here.”

They run to Swindon College, where they put their clothes back on before heading to a restaurant.

The group speak over the phone to the GLL staff member who had earlier caught all but one member of the group. He claims to have known that the missing member was still hiding in the centre: “I knew the kid was still in there.”

The boasts prompt the group to return for a second visit, sneaking back into the Oasis Centre through the same fire escape door. They are seen somersaulting in corridors and running through the centre, before GLL’s security arrives.

The video, which has been seen over 370,000 times since Saturday, will raise questions about security arrangements at the Oasis.

But GLL assured the public that the leisure centre’s systems were safe. A spokeswoman said: “We’re confident that the security systems in place at Oasis Leisure Centre are robust and fit for purpose.

"Initially the Ally Law group were ejected from the building by centre staff. However one individual remained hidden.

"The police were notified at this point and the group’s car, which was parked in the car park, was monitored by staff.

“As soon as the remaining individual moved from his hiding place, he triggered a security sensor, which activated an alarm and alerted our private security company, who were onsite within 20 minutes, quickly joined by police.

"The period during which individuals were at liberty within the centre was approximately 15 minutes.

“While perhaps ill-advised, we do not believe that the staff member’s conversation with the Ally Law group warrants disciplinary action.”

Wiltshire Police said that the trio had left by the time officers reached he Oasis shortly after 11.30pm on Thursday.

A spokesman said: “No damage had been caused and no criminal act had taken place – although they were trespassing, which is the breaking of a civil law.”