ADULTS across Hampshire refuse to wear glasses because it’s embarrassing, new research reveals. 

A study by the Optegra Eye Hospital in Whiteley surveyed 2,000 adults who wore glasses in the county.

It showed that 25 per cent of adults who need glasses refuse to wear a pair because they are too embarrassed while 20 per cent thought they looked better without eyewear.

Meanwhile, 22 per cent said they feel uncomfortable when adorning glasses while 24 per cent find them irritating to wear.

Sundeep Kheterpal, eye surgeon at Optegra Eye Hospital said: “This research has offered a good insight to the trials and tribulations of wearing glasses.

“They can be a daily frustration for so many people, and most people need some support for their vision as they get older and the lens of the eye changes.

“Wearing glasses certainly appear to have quite a significant effect on how we feel about ourselves, perhaps because we feel we will perceived in a particular way.”