WHAT do you do when you're bored? Clean the fridge, put your feet up or maybe go to the pub?

You probably don't pop your trainers on and get ready to run round the coast of Britain.

But that's what 31 year old Chris Shipley has decided to do.

The scaffolder from Hedge End will set off to run the 5,000 miles around the UK coastline - the equivalent of running from London to Calcutta.

But the impressive feat will also give him the chance to raise money for a charity close to his hear.

Chris' mum is a support worker for disabled people, and his nephew has cerebral palsy, so he has plenty of incentive to raise money for UK charity Scope.

He said: "My mum works with disabled people so she sees it first hand - but I just wanted to do something to help."

Chris will be setting off from Manor Farm Country Park on February 26, and doing a "walking jog" for up to 12 hours a day.

He said: "It's better to do it slow but long." And taking inspiration from only four people who have done it before him, he wants to make sure he sees as much of the UK's beautiful coastline as possible whilst also beating the current record of running the distance in less than ten months.

But it's not the first gruelling adventure Chris has set out on.

Although he only took up running four years ago, he has since then taken part in two obstacle world championships and a European championship, coming first in an 18 hour endurance run and finishing eighth in Europe's "toughest mudder" race this year.

he also won the Winter Nuts challenge, voted 2017s toughest obstacle race.

And last year he cycled home from Switzerland through some of the world's worst floods seen in France.

But he's chosen this UK route so that he can make the most of seeing the country's stunning scenery. He said: "I did think about running the silk road, but in terms of logistics and getting visas etc this is obviously a lot easier. Plus I'll be able to see some amazing scenery, and that's a real bonus.

"It's probably boredom that's motivated me - don't really like watching TV. It's just to keep myself busy and I like to get out and do things."

But for at least three nights over the course of his endurance test, girlfriend Laura Sleigh, a trainer at Arqiva in Winchester, will join him at a B&B en route to give him the motivation to finish. Chris added: "That will be the hardest thing - we will miss each other a lot".