NEW figures show that 14,938 children are living in poverty in Southampton.

The data has been released as part of a national drive to end the freeze on children's benefits.

More than 150 children's charities and organisations - who together are lobbying the government as the End Child Poverty coalition - say that children of families living on less than 60 per cent of the median household income of £27,600 - or £16,560 - are seeing living standards "squeezed" as prices rise.

They say that 30.31 per cent of children in Southampton are classed as living in poverty after housing costs have been taken into account.

End Child Poverty Coalition Coordinator Judith Cavanagh said: "Families with children are having to make real decisions about missing meals, not putting heating on, what their kids will have to go without.

"Whether they have to turn to high cost credit for instance, whether they can afford to travel to a job, whether childcare costs make it impossible to work part time. For significant numbers of families around the country this is a reality.

"As prices rise – especially utilities and food – then this income is not going as far as it used to, and families really are having to make choices about what they do without. And also there will be many families who are way below that figure."

Local Authority Total number of children in poverty % of children in poverty 2017 (after housing costs) County

  • Southampton 14,938 30.31% Hampshire
  • Isle of Wight 7,629 29.49% Isle of Wight
  • New Forest 6,027 18.56% Hampshire
  • Eastleigh 4,342 16.08% Hampshire
  • Test Valley 4,003 16.05% Hampshire
  • Fareham 3,102 14.27% Hampshire
  • Winchester 3,316 14.08% Hampshire

The figures published are estimates of child poverty, calculated using HMRC data and a Labour Force Survey.