FEMINISM is up for discussion in a talk in The Attic at the Railway Inn in Winchester this Sunday.

In Who Broke Feminism? (The Obligation Of Privilege): a talk by Emma Rees, the academic and writer will ask some pressing questions about feminism.

She will be addressing such issues as Is feminism broken? And how might we mend it? The term itself has an image problem at a time when the idea is needed more than ever. Why do people denounce the word while swearing by the very same phrases that so often follow the claim: ‘I’m not a feminist, but...?’

In anticipation of her new book, and on the back of her successful ‘Vulvanomics’ speaking tour, which came to Winchester before Christmas, Emma Rees, Professor of Literature and Gender Studies is now touring with this new talk.

Who Broke Feminism? shatters some of the myths about feminism and answers the crucial question: ‘Why do we use the term”feminism” and not “equality”?’

Professor Reesis set to explore how women are systematically exploited and abused, from Kensington to Kigali, because they are women.

She will discuss ideas of ‘choice feminism’ and ‘feminism lite’, and consider the feminist continuum, demonstrating how the ‘personal’ is, in fact, decidedly ‘political’.

This is an at times humorous talk with a serious message. It is about the virtues of feminist anger; of acknowledging economic and cultural privilege; and of thinking globally, acting locally, and agitating politically.

The talk will be followed by audience questions.

Tickets are £8 in advance. For more information, visit www.railwayinn.pub/shows or call 01962 867795.