A YOUNG Southampton man who took his own life was struggling to meet targets at work and thought he would lose his job, an inquest heard.

Ryan Ellis, a 23-year-old economics graduate, was discovered hanged in woodland off Cemetery Road.

Mr Ellis, who earned a first class degree in economics from Portsmouth University, was working at Brightside Insurance as a sales consultant.

But he had struggled with the demands of the role and had tried to quit the job twice, retracting his resignation both times.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard Mr Ellis, of Newcombe Road, had a history of depression and had been viewing videos about suicide online prior to his death on October 12 last year.

He had also been saving up money, as he thought he might not have a job in the future.

Elvis Ellis, his father, said: “He was a sensitive child. He always needed a lot of love and reassurance.”

Speaking about Mr Ellis’s job, he added: “Ryan found it really demoralising that he was not doing well. He found it really difficult to work in that environment.

“Ryan was really worried about his six-month probation because his figures would be low. The pressure of making sales was a constant one for Ryan.”

Louisa Major, his work colleague, said Mr Ellis was “lacking in confidence” but the meeting about his probation did not necessarily mean he would lose his job, describing him as “very conscientious”.

Katie Waugh, his line manager, added that he was “a perfectionist”.

Coroner Grahame Short said: “I believe he was not really cut out for the sort of work he was doing, that he was too conscientious and diligent.

“The targets that are very common in that industry, he struggled with.

"There was also the uncertainty over what was going to happen in the future.”

He recorded a conclusion of suicide.