YOU can now buy a house in Southampton for just a fiver – thanks to an initiative set up by two uni friends.

Alice Schwausch, 26, and Jess Sharp, 27, have launched a competition to lend a helping hand to those hoping to get on the property ladder by offering their £230,000 home in Inner Avenue, Southampton for just £5 and all entrants have to do is answer a simple grammar question.

The pair met while studying marketing at Worcester University and lumped in to buy their first home together in 2013 after splitting the deposit and getting their first mortgage.

Now, after several years of living together, they have decided to go their separate ways but wanted to help others achieve the dream of owning their first house by offering a special competition to win it.

The two-bed house in Inner Avenue, Southampton, comes fully furnished with a flat-screen TV, two double beds, storage units and a kettle.

Alice, who works as a marketing manager, said: “We wanted to take on a challenge, without going down the normal estate agent route, to offer a fantastic opportunity to support local charities and give the chance for one lucky winner to own a property for just £5.

“But we didn’t want to make it too easy, so decided to set a general knowledge question that people couldn’t just google the answer to.”

Jess, who works at a marketing agency, added: “We both studied marketing at university so it’s an extremely fun challenge for us.

“We also know how hard it is to get onto the property ladder and we are so pleased to not only give the opportunity to win our house but also give money to charity.”

The pair are looking to sell 46,000 raffle tickets to get their money back.

As well as raising money to pay off the mortgage, the duo are also hoping to raise £30,000 for Simon Says Child Bereavement Support and Artwork., a charity which empowers children and young people through arts and culture.

Anyone entering the competition, which runs until June 9 will be asked to buy a ticket online and to answer the following question: “The girls have decided to offer one lucky winner the chance to win _________ house”.

The choice of answers are A. There B. Their or C. They’re.

The winner of the competition will be notified the same week with a second-place prize of £3,000 also up for grabs.

If not enough tickets are sold the money made will be offered as the prize instead of the property, minus the charity donation and marketing and solicitor fees.

To find out more or to sign up, please visit