A SON has been told that he bullies his own mother so badly it is threatening to drive her to her grave.

Owen Passmore has even threatened to kill his ill mum during a campaign of terror at her Southampton home.

Now the 38-year-old has been jailed to protect his 71-year-old mother from his intimidation after a judge warned him: “What you are doing will drive your mother to her grave.”

Southampton Crown Court heard that Passmore has more than 100 convictions and has been taking drugs since he was just 10 years old.

In one incident he told his mum he would kill her if she wouldn’t let him into her home, before ramming a stick into her letterbox and shouting more abuse.

All of his actions breached a restraining order that was made to protect Passmore’s mother.

He twice failed to comply with the order in November and December.

Prosecutor James Kellam told the court that after being released from custody Passmore, of Kingsclere Avenue, Southampton, turned up at his mother’s house threatening her.

He said: “On one occasion he went to the house at three in the morning.

“When she told him to go away, Passmore got a wooden stick and tried to get in through the door.

“The impact on his mother left her frightened and it was most upsetting for her.”

The court heard that on December 8, Passmore again appeared at the home.

Mr Kellam said: “He was shouting that he was going to kill her and that he knew she had called the police.

“The police did attend and he told them he was going to kill his mother.

“This was not necessarily what he wanted to do but it gives a flavour of his current mind.”

The restraining order, which prohibits Passmore from entering a road in Woolston, was made originally in January 2016.

Since then, he has breached the order five times.

The court heard that since 2003, Passmore has appeared at court 41 times and convicted of 102 offences. Charges include thefts, drugs offences and animal cruelty.

Keeley Harvey, mitigating, said Passmore has struggled with mental health issues throughout his life.

She added: “He has become dependent on a number of people - one of those has been his mother.

“On some occasions she has been prepared to help him with money, and to some extent because she used to help this situation has come about.”

In sentencing him to 20 month jail Judge Christopher Parker QC told him: “Lately your offending has turned to bullying, intimidating, harassing and threatening your own mother, presumably to get money from her so you can misuse drugs.”

He added: “It seems the only way to protect your mother is to send you to prison. What you are doing will drive your mother to her grave.”