HAVING just read an article about the obelisk in memory of Admiral Sir Harry Burrard Neale being up for refurbishment, I hope the campaigners are ready for the shouty snowflake mob to turn up and demand the work cease forthwith and the obelisk be demolished immediately as, having captured or destroyed about 20-odd ships, he is a murderer sending hundreds of sailors to their deaths and should not be commemorated.

If these protesters want history rewritten to pacify their sensitivities then what would past history tell us now? Not much to obtain a degree or two on, I bet. No juicy bits, just a long list of do-gooders. History is fact, you can't rub it out.

Notwithstanding that a university demanded a statue to Cecil Rhodes be removed, we now have some Canadian chap insisting we cannot say mankind, it has to be personkind!

What is the world coming to - all this PC rubbish is ruining the quality of my life... and perhaps yours too.

Jeff Davis

Ribble Close, Chandler's Ford.