A MENTALLY-ill man was found pacing on a motorway bridge just days after being told it was unclear when he would begin receiving psychological treatment, an inquest heard.

Luke Keen, 31, was found pacing on a motorway when he was spotted by an off-duty police officer.

Mr Keen was taken to a hospital in Chesterfield after he told the officer he had contracted HIV, had infected his family and the only way for them to get treatment was for to kill himself.

He also believed there was an NHS-wide conspiracy against him.

However, Winchester Coroner’s Court heard that two days before, on December 12, Mr Keen’s care co-ordinator Helen Allison had told him she was unsure when he would be able to begin receiving psychotic treatment.

The jury heard that Mr Keen himself, as well as his family and GP had expressed concerns about the delay in getting the treatment.

They also heard that the early intervention and psychosis team looking after Mr Keen, formerly of Clausen Way, Pennington, had a new psychologist and it was taking time to work through the waiting list.

However, Ms Allison told the jury that processes were being followed.

Yesterday, Winchester Coroner’s Court heard that Lee Cumberland, a support worker at Southern Health’s Woodhaven facility in Calmore, found Mr Keen unconscious in his bathroom on January 10, 2017, having asphyxiated himself.

Jury members also heard that around ten minutes before he was found, fellow support worker Julia Scott-Field failed to carry out an 8am check on Mr Keen. Ms Scott-Field admitted lying to police and colleague about this.

Mr Keen was declared dead at Southampton General Hospital on the afternoon of January 11.

The inquest continues