CAN someone please tell me where these affordable properties are that the government keep going on about?

If you want to rent from a housing association you have to be on at least £26K a year or it is up to the council, who need these properties.

You can't get a council house for love nor money. We were on the council list for 10 years, got to the top and then were kicked off as apparently we had a mortgage.

To go down the road of shared ownership and you want a house, you are looking at minimum 40% share, this requires a mortgage of over a £100K and then you rent the other 60%, this would then take you into the bracket of £1,000+ a month before any other bills.

If, like ourselves where we still have two boys living at home, and our pets, are in privately rented accommodation where the property is falling down around our ears and on a very low income, we literally have no hope.

Oh and if we went to the council for a property, they won't house my boys as they are aged 18 and over and our pets would have to be rehomed.

I have just recently, through tragic circumstances, come into some money and wanted to put it to good use, but it's still not enough to be able to get a property that is habitable where my husband, boys and pets can rest safe.

Mrs Wood