A MAN was found hanged behind a Southampton convenience store by his girlfriend.

The body of Michel Tochman was discovered by Angelika Sitkiewics in the secluded alleyway behind Premier stores on Portswood Road.

An inquest heard how, two days previously, the 29-year-old had left his home in Arnold Road to buy a bottle of whiskey after spending an evening drinking with friends.

He did not return.

Ms Sitkiewics said Mr Tochman, who had lived in Southampton for only three weeks, would often worry about money, but that she did not believe he was suicidal.

She said: “We came to England together six years ago to work so that Michel could pay back a loan.

“He would become emotional about money when drunk.”

After he did not return, Ms Sitkiewics reported the agency worker missing and went looking for her boyfriend of three years with friends.

“I went behind the steps in the alley behind the shop.

“When I found Michel I ran towards towards him and found he wasn’t alive. I screamed.

“I was completely shocked by this. There were no signs he would do this,” she said.

DC Emma Cooke who attended the scene said they found nothing suspicious.

Pathologist Prof Norman Carr said although Mr Tochman had no history of depression, there were self-harm scars on his wrists.

Ms Sitkiewics said: “Three years ago his friend hanged himself in Poland I remember him saying that at least he didn’t have to worry anymore.”

Coroner Grahame Short said: “There was no note but I’m sure this was a deliberate act. Alcohol and his financial problems may have played a part, but I feel he may have been suffering from depression, although this had not been diagnosed.”

Mr Short concluded Mr Tochman’s death was the result of suicide.