MAYFLOWER Theatre’s press and marketing manager Robin Hancox has set himself a big challenge.

He aims to do nine half marathon distances in nine weeks finishing with Southampton half marathon on Sunday April 22.

Robin is completing ‘9 in 9 for Mayflower 90’ to raise money for the theatre’s fundraising appeal, specifically to enable the installation of a changing places toilet.

It provides a safe and clean environment with a height adjustable adult sized changing bench and hoist system. There is also adequate space in the changing room for a disabled person and two carers.

Robin started the challenge on February 18 and has so far run four half marathon distances.

Robin said: “When I heard that the theatre were going to include a changing places facility in the building works I knew I wanted to help fundraise in some way for it. Keeping in the theme of nines as it is the theatre’s 90th Anniversary I thought initially about running something in 90 minutes, but I didn’t think I could train to do a half marathon in that time so thought what could be more difficult – run 9 of them in nine weeks instead. Allowing access to theatre is really close to my heart, as everyone no matter how able bodied should be able to enjoy great shows that will inspire and connect with them.”