PLANS have been revealed for the first ever Eastleigh Pride.

The event is set to take place at Leigh Road Recreation Ground on September 15.

Information stalls, live music, lots of food and children’s attractions are expected to entertain residents during the day.

The project has been proposed by Eastleigh Bid, the organisation which promotes the town centre and it is still at an early stage.

Teresa Swann, manager at Eastleigh BID, said: “The event is to bring together all different communities in their home town, to accept the whole LGBT community and to eliminate prejudices. Pride is a time when the community comes together and reflects on how far they have come as well as acknowledge how much more there is still to do.”

Ms Swann said they were still waiting to know if their funding bids had been successful and were looking for organisations to help with the event.

“We are busy with other events and having someone to help us and support us with the event will be great,”she said.

“Although it will start small we hope it will grow as many other prides have.”

Eastleigh Local Area Committee (ELAC) has allocated £1,000 towards the event.

Cllr Wayne Irish, ELAC chair, said they were sure it would be successful and added: “We are committed to celebrating all of our communities, and we were happy to match the BID’s funding for the first Eastleigh Pride festival.”

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