IT'S not all about chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies.

One Hampshire school celebrated the arrival of spring with a more international festival.

Youngsters at the Waldorf School in Ringwood were covered in colour as they got stuck into Holi - the Indian event marking the change in seasons.

Teacher Pankaj Sulodia said: "Although originally it is a Hindu festival, it is perhaps one of the most important festivals in India, where colours and love are celebrated by everyone regardless of their religion, cast, age, beliefs.

"There are various legends and stories attached to the origin of this wonderfully vibrant festival, but as a child, having the freedom to throw colour on anyone and everyone without being told off, was enough for me to absolutely love this festival.

"From my own childhood, there are many aspects of Indian life I remember fondly, and Holi is definitely one of the earliest and one of the best !" Pupils at the school have taken part in the festival since 2016 - and last year parents and staff were 'colour-bombed' as well.

But this year the event had to be postponed due to snow.

When the weather finally changed for the better younger pupils explored powdered colour by making Rangoli patterns on the floor of their classrooms while older pupils 'threw Holi' on the basketball court.

Each child donated £1 to support the Manzil charity in Delhi, India.