I TRY to make out the mentality of some of our councillors. The council tells us it is broke, yet they are intending to give owners of electric cars free passage over the Itchen Bridge.


Electric cars are no more friendly on our disgraceful pot-holed roads. They may be less pollutant but they do as much damage to the road surface as any other vehicle.

Why this government ever permitted any vehicle to be able to travel on its road without paying road tax is beyond belief.

The tax we pay to use the roads was supposed to be used to keep them in a safe condition. What is the government going to do for cash when everybody has no other choice but have an electric car?

Cllrs Chris Hammond and Liz Batten appear to live in cuckoo land as their ambition is to drive out the motorist out of the city by totally banning cars coming into the centre for a few days a week or on certain days.

Have these councillors noticed the number of stores struggling to survive the high rents and rates that are charged in this city?

Have they noticed that many large companies are beginning want reduced rents etc just to survive the economic climate?

Perhaps they would prefer them to move out so they can have a truly student city for that is all we are getting now.

Can the city council explain to the rate-payers who pay the council taxes on all of these apartments that have shot up over the last few years?

Finished today's moan.

A Semple