A NEW public art installation will be "for the public and developed with the public" it has been confirmed.

As reported Southampton City Council is working with curators at the John Hansard Gallery on an installation to be painted on the road outside Above Bar's Studio 144.

But the artwork sparked controversy when councillors came to blows over how it should be funded - with Southampton's conservative leader Cllr Jeremy Moulton saying public money should not be used - and city culture boss Cllr Satvir Kaur saying the work would prove to be investment in the cultural quarter.

Now director of the John Hansard Gallery Woodrow Kernohan said the work will be "for the public, developed by the public."

Adding that a meeting last week with city contractors Balfour Beatty was a "scoping" meeting he said that costs of the project had not yet been decided.

He said: "Full details will be announced at the opening of the Gerhard Richter show in May."

As reported the 'colourful crossing' is inspired by a similar project in London, and could become a pilot project for similar installations across the city.

Cllr Kaur said: "It's not only about making art more accessible. It's about widening participation so people don't feel they like they have to visit a gallery or theatre to feel like they are taking part. Hopefully the more we can do the more Southampton can be seen as a place to be."

Organisers said it will be paid for equally by Southampton City Council and the John Hansard Gallery.