BOSSES behind the ABP Southampton Marathon have made a plastic pledge for this year’s event.

Organisers say all 50,000 of their water bottles, handed to runners during Sunday’s event, are 100 per cent recyclable.

Marathon bosses have also secured a number of recycling bins from Southampton City Council for race day.

They have been placed in key locations, such as water handout points and the finish line.

Race director, Chris Rees, said: “We love the city of Southampton, which is why we work hard to ensure minimal disruption to the city.

“All of our water bottles are 100 per cent recyclable and we’d urge runners to put them in the various recycling bins that’ll be dotted about the race village.

“Volunteers will be picking up the bottles dropped on the route to recycle too.”

Mitch Saunders, the city council’s director for transactions and universal services, added: “We are keen to maximise recycling efforts on the day, so will be providing recycling bins for plastic bottles and rubbish bins for other waste.

“This will help visitors dispose of any waste in the appropriate way and ensure that the city is cleaned up quickly once the run is over.”

Alongside plastic recycling, marathon organisers will also ensure that banana skins, from bananas handed out to runners, will be recycled.

Any leftover fruit will also be donated to homeless charity, Two Saints, who have bases on Millbrook Road and Cranbury Avenue.

Mr Rees said: “We’ve worked with the council to ensure banana skins can be recycled.

“Any left over fruit that isn’t taken by runners at the finish we’ll give to a local charity that helps the homeless.”

The plastic pledge comes after Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced plans for a consultation into banning plastic straws and cotton buds later this year.