THEY are the fictional flesh-hungry monsters popularised in television series such as the Walking Dead.

But brain-eating zombies are now set to descend on the New Forest – and Hampshire residents are being asked to join the horde.

The call-to-arms is part of a new amateur movie, named Day 66, which is currently being filmed in the forest.

Backed by amateur movie club Beacon Productions, it stars and is being directed by first-time film-maker Russell Tribe.

The emergency services worker, from Fareham, will play lead character Jack, a widower who runs into the wilderness following the death of his family in a zombie apocalypse.

The film chronicles Jack’s mental state as he battles against his own will to carry on in his hopeless new world.

Filming began in the New Forest earlier this month and is expected to continue throughout the year.

But in order to complete the film, Russell needs to attract a horde of zombies.

And the 34-year-old is asking volunteers, movie-buffs and aspiring actors to join the fun.

“There are several different scenes where a lot of people will be involved, but there is one in particular where we envisage a horde of zombies,” he said.

“We’ll need volunteers who want to be extras, but we are particularly keen to hear from people who can do their own zombie make-up.”

Russell, a self-confessed film buff, came up with the idea for the movie two years ago.

After finishing the story, he approached the committee of Beacon Productions, a long-running not-for-profit video production group based in Hampshire.

The group, of which Russell has been a member for 17 years, agreed to support the film – expected to cost just a few hundred pounds to produce.

The father-of-two will also be supported by best friend Matt Hasker, who will produce the theme tune and music, as well as his children Ella and Lincoln, who he says are both “desperate” to get in front of the camera.

Once completed, Russell hopes the one hour long film will be screened at horror-festivals across the UK.

“I’ll give it my best shot,” he said.

“I’m very excited, this is a personal achievement for me.

“I’ve always wanted to make a film.”

Anyone wishing to get involved in the film should contact