IN a world preoccupied with appearance Deborah Coughlin will be discussing a radical new way of approaching body image.

She will be talking upstairs at The Railway, Winchester on Sunday, May 13, on the subject How To Stop Pretending You Love Your Body.

Do you love the way you look? Do you spend time trying to? Do you pretend that you do, or need convincing?

In this talk Deborah Coughlin will take her audience through the theories and facts behind why having a body can be so tricky. She will discuss the pitfalls of faking body positivity and the radical steps we can take to change our body vision.

Deborah Coughlin is an artistic director, producer, writer and presenter. She is the founder and director of feminist punk collective GAGGLE, writes for Stylist Magazine and is currently touring her theatrical production Yap Yap Yap.

From being editor of Feminist Times, to writing about fat yoga for The Guardian, taking Radio 4’s Woman's Hour out on the street to make women happier about their bodies, to making a musical called FAT, Deborah has spent the past decade working out why we often feel bad about our bodies and how we can feel a whole lot better.

There will be a collection point for The Homeless Period Southampton at this event. Donations of sanitary towels and tampons will be distributed to homeless and vulnerable women in the area.

There will also be an opportunity to win a copy of Charlotte Cooper's book 'Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement'. Raffle tickets are only £1, with the proceeds going to the Homeless Period.

The 45-minute talk will be followed by opportunity for audience discussion. Tickets are £8 advance: