By Josh Bourne

THE Liberal Democrats have again emerged as the winners on Eastleigh Borough Council with a landslide victory.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing, as they lost all three seats in Bishopstoke to independent candidates with deputy leader Anne Winstanley being one of the Lib Dems to lose out.

VIDEO: Lib Dem leader Keith House proclaims "fantastic record" for party

After the count, which saw all 39 councillors up for election, the Lib Dems have won 32 seats to the Conservatives' four, along with three independents.

VIDEO: Independents celebrate being elected to Eastleigh Borough Council 

With the exception of the Bishopstoke result council leader Keith House was upbeat about the result saying: “It’s a great result for the Lib Dems.

"One of the best in the country, and a devastating result for the Tories.”

Jubliant independent candidates: Ray Dean, Gin Tidridge and Louise Anne Parker Jones said they were expecting such a result and felt overwhelmed with the support they had received.

Opposition Tories and Labour were disappointed after failing to make gains against the ruling Lib Dems.