AS we're led into a pitch black room we're handed two tiny little LED torches.

One is blue, the other green.

We take our seats in the middle of a square set.

Facing us is a newsroom - behind a living room full of furniture and trinkets. The credits to 'Sleuth' start to roll.

A 1950s double bass theme tune starts and a sultry male voice sets the scene.

Then follow 45 minutes of intrigue as the audience chooses which direction the plot should take.

It's another brilliant concept from NST City's in house dance company.

Zoie Golding has come up with a one-of-a-kind show.

Part dance, part theatre, and inspired by those thrilling 'choose your own adventure' books, where the reader decides which route the action takes, Sleuth is billed as "an up-close dance theatre mystery show unlike any other - where you, the audience, are truly in control."

It's an ingenious way of heightening the audience experience

No more sitting in rows, watching a play unfold before you.

This show gives you the power to choose what happens - albeit within a limited number of options of course.

Do we answer the phone or read the letter? Which clue do you want to follow?

Do you want to save the boy? Flash your blue light.

Do you want the vase? Show your green.

Holding the audience captive in the middle of the action means you are centimetres away from the dynamically choreographed fight scenes.

It really was thrilling to be that close to the action, to choose which way the plot would turn, and to be swivelling on your seat as the action twisted and turned.

But I couldn't help feeling the show would benefit from more script and less choreography - or a more subtle blending of the two.

Props to Zoielogic though for pushing the boundaries yet again.