HAVING served his city for almost two and a half decades, councillor Stephen Barnes-Andrews has been named as the mayor of Southampton for a second term.

The Bevois ward member, who was first elected onto the council in 1994, served as the city’s 785th mayor in 2007-2008.

But now he has taken up the mantel yet again to become the city’s 796th mayor.

The first post was filled in 1217, although no record of the Mayor's name is mentioned.

Speaking about his upcoming mayoral year, Cllr Barnes-Andrews said: “It is a great role to be given.

“In terms of what I want to achieve, I would like to support individuals and organisations in the area.

“I am looking forward to seeing and going to a big cross section of events, as well as meeting lots of people from across the city.”

Cllr Barnes-Andrews takes the mantel from councillor Les Harris.

He served for the past year, raising money for Southampton Children’s Hospital and Southampton Sea Cadets.

Cllr Harris said: “It has been a busy and interesting year and I have been to parts of the city I have not been to before, or knew much about.

“I have also been impressed by the number of small, locally run community groups across the city.

“I have enjoyed visiting quite a few, such as coffee mornings in local halls and churches, interest groups such as painting, and gardening clubs.

“Our nominated charities have also done well this year. Both have worked hard with some help from us to achieve their targets.

He added: “Also of course I must thank Beryl, the Mayoress, who has joined me at majority of functions over the year, to make my year a success.

“I would also like to wish our new Mayor Stephen, a similar enjoyable and successful year.”

Appointed as sheriff was Conservative councillor Peter Baillie.