AS PART of next month’s Strongman World Championships, British strength legend Terry Hollands is aiming to break the single man Bus Pull world record in Southampton’s Guildhall Square today.

The 38-year-old, a former winner of the Strongman Champions League and two-time podium winner of World’s Strongest Man, will haul one of Southern Transit’s Enviro400 ‘City Master’ double decker buses, which weighs 11,610 kg, over a 20m course.

The attempt begins at 1pm and is a prelude to Summermania – Ultimate Strongman World Championship II, refereed by Geoff Capes, at St Mary’s Stadium on June 3.

“The Bus Pull is one of the most iconic strongman events around,” Glenn Ross, five time UK’s Strongest man, said. “The people of Southampton are in for a real treat – no ordinary man would even contemplate pulling nearly 12 tonnes of metal against the clock.”

Next month’s strongman contest will feature two more record attempts – the 400kg tyre flip record by Aaron Page and the 150kg dumbbell by Polish heavyweight Mateusz Kieliszkowski.