ENERGY suppliers are still legally required to try and install smart meters in all homes by 2020. 

Government has ruled that homeowners have the right to refuse. 

The only trouble now is Ofgem, which regulates this industry, have said that suppliers can continue to set up installation appointments without obtaining permission.

The next wave of of smart meter letters and emails will now follow.

Mind you the watchdog has warned the energy suppliers that they will face fines if they overstep the mark with their frantic push to install them. 

I, for one, will refuse to have one installed. I find it disgusting and hard to accept that my tariffs were pushed up like everyone else to cover the cost of these meters, whether I have one or not. 

I have never had a problem with my bills as I check the estimated usage for the period my supplier has intended to charge by simply checking both gas and electricity readings with my meters situated outside.

I then ring them up and give both correct readings over the phone and my supplier adjusts these over the phone. Simple. 

I don’t trust these smart meters one iota. 

Any email from my supplier trying to convince me to have one will be deleted and sent to the junk bin. 

As for junk mail posted to my address, I simply cross out my name/ address or Homewner etc, and write on them ‘not at this address’ and put ‘ return to sender’.

Then pop them into the nearest postbox.

The amount of unwanted junk mail has decreased by a large amount to me as I believe that the sender is charged for the return costs. Oh, by the way, it’s been announced today by the Office for National Statistics that Brexit Britain’s booming.

Employment is at a record highest level since records began in 1971. So much for George Osborne’s prediction that 820,000 jobs could be lost within two years if Britain voted to leave the EU. 

Our economy is far better than Germany, France Spain and Italy. Britain has nothing to fear from taking back control of our borders, our laws and our money. 

Paddy Sketcher 

Isle of Wight