HE'S smashed it!

Terry Hollands' world record breaking attempt was a success today.

The 38-year-old strong man pulled a 12 tonne red double decker bus twenty metres across Guildhall Square in a world record breaking feat of muscly masculinity.

But he didn’t just beat the record – he smashed it by a five seconds, making it over the finish line in just 17.41 seconds.

The event was a prelude to the Summermania event at St Mary’s Stadium – which will see 24 stone 6ft 5 Terry compete against some of the world’s strongest men.

Speaking to the Echo just seconds after finishing the pull – and trying to catch his breath – he said: “I’m pleased to beat the time – but it was a much tougher start than I expected. 

"I’ve always been pretty good at this sort of event. I’m pleased I beat the time as it’s stood for a long time.

"I’m surprised at how much I beat it by.

"There’s no real thought that goes into it it’s just 100 per cent from the word go to the finish and I’m really over the moon."