THE Rolling Stones are coming to St Mary's Stadium - and here's what you need to know.

The legendary rock band will appear in Southampton on May 29, and fans can expect a spectacular stage show.

Tour production director Dale "Opie" Skjerseth says the stage will "light up like a Christmas tree".

Fans can look forward to a set list packed full of classics such as Satisfaction, Paint It Black, Tumbling Dice & Brown Sugar with a spectacular production and state of the art stage design.

Tickets are still on sale, and organisers recommend that gig-goers buy them from the official AXS website by visiting

The scale of this production is huge and Opie was happy to report that it can all be accommodated but it will take seven days to set it up, have the show and then dismantle it again.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, he said: “The stage itself stands higher than the stadium roof. There are 26 production trucks, including 17 steel trucks that come before us.

"We have 200 people on crew and seven tour buses. The band themselves will fly in from London.

“I put it all together from beginning to end, get it from A to B, organise hotels, transportation and move it round the planet.”

Traders in the Southampton are predicting a £350,000 business boost from the gig, with hotels, restaurants and bars set to benefit.

Tim Keeping, Chair of GO! Southampton Business Improvement District said: “Artists of this magnitude attract large audiences and with the concert taking place so close to the city centre, businesses in the BID area including hotels, cafes and shops, have the opportunity to benefit.”

The band will be supported by the Vaccines.