WITH twenty thousand people expected to descend on Southampton Common over the weekend, here's everything you need to know about getting there...


There is no car parking available at the festival. Please use public transport if you are not walking or cycling to the event.

Taxis, drop-offs and pick-ups

If you are arranging a drop off or pickup by pre-booked private hire taxi, friends or family please use the official Drop Off & Pick Up Point at: Richard Tanton College Car Park in Hill Lane, Southampton.

Taxi rank

There will be a designated taxi rank area at The Cowherds Pub each night after the show has finished. This is for Hackney Carriages only and not collections by pre-booked private hire taxis, friends or family – they will be moved away from the area by police and security.


If you are travelling by bike, there is a dedicated bike rack on Cemetery Road. Please do not chain bikes to the park railings.


The nearest train station to Common People is Southampton Central Station. There will be regular shuttle buses operating to and from the Northlands Road entrance to Common People. Tickets can be purchased on the bus priced £5 per person return.


Regular bus services will be available to and from the areas surrounding the City of Southampton. Please check www.bluestarbus.co.uk for routes, timetables and tickets. Route Bluestar 1 runs from the City Centre close to the East Entrance to the event and back again. Uni-Link will also be servicing the areas around Southampton Common. Please check www.unilinkbus.co.uk for routes and timetables. Route Uni-link 1 from Southampton Central Train station runs close to the East Entrance to the event and back again.

For those coming from further afield

There is strictly no camping at Common People!