I READ a letter by Lindsy Bluemel on the defence of cyclists (Letters, June 4).

I think most motor car drivers would understand if cycles were registered and vetted by the law, as they were once, before the police amended the Road Traffic Act.

Once you not only had a bell, rear reflectors, mudguards and were subject just like the poor motorist to police scrutiny.

I will have respect for cyclists when they are officially registered, insured for injury to the public and suitably road taxed, just like the poor motorist.

The fact is that there is no average cyclist. Some adhere to the right clothing and protection, I would suggest about thirty per cent of them. The rest are just uncontrolled yobs who ride through red lights and on the pavement. If you protest about their activities you will be subject to a mouthful of vile abuse. They also seem to be riding bikes found in the corner of the garden shed.

So Ms Bluemel before you fly to the defence of all cyclists, remember how other people feel. Why, oh why, are there so many yards of the highway allocated to this portion of the public, they don’t justify it.

Alan Blandford