A PROTEST against US President Donald Trump’s policies will be held in Southampton next month.

The event at Southampton’s Bargate is being organised in advance of President Trump’s visit to the country on July 13.

News of the protest comes as the US President made his historic trip to North Korea for a summit with Kim Jong-Un in a bid to end decades of hostility between the two nations – and with the aim of persuading the leader to denuclearise.

Now the US President has declared on social media that “There is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea” and that “everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office”.

The demonstration through the city has been organised by the trade union Unite which is co-ordinating a number of events in advance President Trump’s first official visit to the UK.

But a spokesperson for the union said the demonstration was against Trump policies.

She added: “It’s against Trumpism – not the man himself but against his policies. His policies are racist, Islamophobic and sexist – and attack workers’ rights.

“Our policies are the opposite of that – and that’s what we want to promote – fairness, dignity and respect.

“He is a truly divisive President.”

The event starts from noon and runs until 1.30pm but full details have yet to be released.