A DOTING father was found dead following the break down of his marriage.

Neil Green was found hanged by his brother at his Calmore home.

An inquest heard how the father of two had a history of episodic depression and had found it hard to cope with the break down of his marriage.

His estranged wife Amanda Green said that she had decided to end the relationship in September and that he had moved out of the family home in December.

“He couldn’t accept that it was over. He was making excuses to come around the house and collecting the children from school. I put a stop to it to get some space,” she said.

“Neil was an amazing, loving dad to both his children and adored them immensely.”

Mr Green had moved into a new home at The Spinney, which he had been renovating so that his children could visit.

His brother, Ben Weeks said: “My brother spent every day working on the house, and every night working. I believe that he had sleep deprivation and that this effected his state of mind.”

On the morning of his death, Ms Green said that she had argued with her husband but that she never thought he would take his own life.

He then sent her a picture of a letter and she became concerned for his safety so alerted his brother Ben Weeks.

After getting no response on the phone he then went to his home.

“He sent me a picture of a letter, which was very out of character - Neil didn’t write or run.”

Concerned for his safety she called his brother Ben Weeks and asked him to check on him.

Mr Weeks tried to phone his brother but got no response, so decided to pay him a visit.

“I knocked on the door and shouted through the letter box but got no response. The door was locked and the dog was still there.”

Mr Weeks let himself in and shortly discovered his brother’s body on the first floor landing.

He cut him down and performed CPR until the emergency services arrived, however despite best efforts Mr Green was pronounced dead at the scene.

A post mortem report from pathologist Adrian Bateman confirmed that Mr Green had died as the result of hanging.

Assistant coroner Samantha Marsh said that she believed that sleep deprivation and the break down of his marriage had been key factors in Mr Green’s decision to take his own life.

She concluded that Mr Green’s death was the result of suicide.