MANY of us have been trying to keep cool during the recent heatwave.

Lots of cool drinks, slapping on the sun screen, staying in the shade, removing layers of clothing.

But one man went further than most.

This picture was snapped of the mystery man seen walking naked down a Southampton street in broad daylight.

Hampshire police confirmed a man was arrested after reports of a person walking naked near the Shell filling station, Winchester Road, Shirley.

Phill Worrall, 40, a business analyst, from Southampton, said: “I was driving and saw someone without any clothes on. He just had a pair of sunglasses on.

“He didn’t look like he was drunk, he looked like he was doing it on purpose. I don’t think he had any mental health problem but obviously I’m not a doctor. He looked happy about doing it.”

Phil added: “Everybody was pointing at him or laughing and taking photos. I’m sure some people were shocked.”

The Daily Echo understands the man was also seen walking in the buff in nearby St James Park.

Laura Trotter, manager at ParkLife, the cafe at St James Park, said: “I was working at the cafe that day and apparently he walked past the cafe, but I haven’t seen him.

“There are lots of people who should be with a carer but they are not. I can imagine this was one of those.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire police confirmed the incident happened at around 9.30am on June 21.

They added: “A 30-year-old man from Southampton has been arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure. He was released from custody but remains under investigation.”

Satvir Kaur, the local city councillor for Shirley ward, said: “This is really unusual for Shirley. If local people were concerned by the incident, then they did the right thing by contacting the relevant authorities.”

Witnesses are now urged to call 101 quoting 44180231735.